Our Hopes

Dear friends and potential sponsors,

Edward, a hopeful, gifted gymnast, soccer player, drummer, angler and dancer, is only seven and a half years old and already has remarkable movement and rhythm talents. Unfortunately, the classes, team and training he wants to pursue are financially out of reach.  Please consider sponsoring this remarkable boy!

Why are we asking you to consider a sponsorship?

I am Edward’s mother… I work for a non-profit and my husband, Edward’s father, is a nurse’s assistant.  Edward lives with us and his big sister in rural Vermont and attends public school.  As a family, we raise a few animals and grow vegetables.  We have enough money to pay for our necessities and a small amount is left over each month to go toward one hour of programming each week for each of our children. Edward has been able to take some gymnastics and a little ballet, but his talents come naturally.  Now he has been invited to be in the pre-team gymnastics class which  happens for 4 hours each week.  He is the youngest to be invited to this pre-team program.  Unfortunately, this will double the cost of gymnastics and we do not qualify for scholarships. This tends to be a burden of falling into the low-middle class- not making enough money to afford opportunities, but not financially challenged enough to qualify for scholarships.

Basically we have come to realize that the full costs of the classes and formal training that Edward deserves will be out of reach unless we find sponsors for his talents.   This blog was created as a hope and a prayer that this will happen.  If not,  Edward’s potential in some areas just will not be realized. 

We invite you to read and look at this blog to consider if you would like to be a sponsor of Edwards programs.  He would love to join the pre-team gymnastics class but other areas could be discussed also- soccer camp, ballet, hip-hop dance, African dance and/or music lessons (all of which area also out of reach at this point).  Please be in touch if you would consider making an investment into the future of this wonderful, young boy and we can discuss levels of sponsorship and other details related to your interest. Thank you so much for your consideration!  Most sincerely, Cathy


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