A Dragonfly at the Ballet?!

That’s right! A swarm of Dragonflies took stage in the Northern Vermont Ballet Company’s full-length, story ballet theater production of Cinderella last week. The production also included a special guest artist from Richmond Ballet, Phillip Skaggs. Edward led the “dragonfly” line of boy ballet dancers from stage left to center as they participated in the magical transformation of Cinderella into her ball gown and shoes.
b5 Taking front stage, Edward was poised and displayed wonderful body mechanics. b4 With some forward hops toward center stage and then a HUGE Jump to the side he arrived at the farthest from center position, sharing the stage well with the boys behind him. He maintained his spacing in the dance and showed the determination and grace of his character. This was Edwards first time on a professional- size dance stage. It was so big, and he so small BUT he definitely drew your eyes to him and did a fabulous job! b3 Edward’s sister was in the opening dance piece after the intermission. She was a maid in charge of polishing the glasses for the ball and welcoming the prince. She was also a vision a of beauty and grace. What a lovely production it was! b2


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