About Edward

For Edward’s third birthday we brought home an eight piece drum set that we found for him on Craig’s list.  When he sat down to play he took our breath away… he played perfectly!  We asked him, “How did you learn to play that music?” and he replied “I was born with music.”   In fact, we have  discovered,  Edward was born with many movement and rhythm talents. He is now seven and a half and he has demonstrated them over and over again.

By the end of his first few months of fishing, an article was written in the local paper featuring him entitled “Young Angler Arrives.”

After a week of soccer camp, he was invited to stay for another week, because his presence improved the games.

After watching a hip-hop YouTube video, he perfected the Helicopter.

This year, he took his first ballet class and can now do a double pirouette.

He  attended intermediate boys gymnastics, excelled and has been invited to join pre-team gymnastics starting this summer (2013).  He would be the youngest in this class.

These are only some of the wonderful talents we see in our son.  He is a lovely person who is nice to his friends and has a great heart.  Enjoy learning more about Edward in this blog!


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